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The going with terms and conditions apply to all assentions, transports and diverse organizations The place of area is Vienna, as long as the customer is an agent or a legitimate component under open law or uncommon hold under open law.

Complete OF Understanding

The outline of things in the online store does not constitute a genuinely limiting offer, yet rather a legitimately non-confining on the web list. By tapping on „Submit organize" a coupling offer for the demand of everything in the shopping sack is submitted. The confirmation of the got mastermind happens together with the affirmation of the demand, nearby the terms and conditions instantly in the wake of clicking, by an electronic email.

Transport AND Portion

All expenses are retail costs in euros and consolidate the legally considerable VAT.

The asked for stock will be passed on to the address demonstrated by the customer, as long as this has not been for the most part legitimately agreed. Uncommon transportation shapes needed by the customer will be blamed for the standard extra charge.

in a joint exertion we offer you purchase on account as a portion system. While paying , you never need to enter your record information, and portion will simply happen after you have gotten the items. Transport to a surprising convey in contrast with the charging address is illogical while paying with Us.

Purchase ON Record

In a joint exertion with Us we offer you purchase on account as a portion method. While paying with Us, you never need to enter your record information, and portion will simply occur after you have gotten the stock.

Transport TIMES

The association will send items that are in stock inside 4-5 working days. In case the stock are not in stock when the demand is set, the association will endeavor to arrange the speediest possible movement. In the event that there ought to be an event of resistance with the movement or organization period due to a show of nature, present day conflict, sporadic obstructions, or distinctive conditions outside our capacity to control, the day and age will be expanded appropriately.


You have the benefit to drop your understanding inside 14 days without giving reasons.

The cancelation time of 14 days starts from the day on which you or a confided in outcast, that is not the transporter, got the exact opposite thing or things.

To hold quick to the cancelation time period, it is satisfactory to send the declaration, rehearsing your benefit of withdrawal, before the complete of the cancelation time allotment.

We have the benefit to withhold the markdown until the point when the moment that we have gotten the items or until the point that you have passed on confirm that you have sent the stock back to us, dependent upon which happens first.

You ought to send back or reestablish the stock to us, in a split second and in any case inside 14 days from the day you instructed us about the cancelation. The cancelation time span will be kept up, if you send the stock back before the season of 14 days has passed. We will bear the movement costs of the entry of the items.


Seeing that there are absconds e.g. creation faults or damages, the customer has legitimate certification rights after stipulation of the going with terms. The loathing of a thing is not a flaw that would entitle the customer's case of the assurance. For this circumstance, the certification won't be given by the association.

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